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Sherri Minniti

At Ideal Weight Clinic, I help people develop a better lifestyle with healthy and delicious eating

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Experienced Coaching

Professional support from a knowledgable coach

I coach from the perspective of someone who understands what my clients experience throughout their own weight management journey. I also experience their struggles, their food addictions, their emotions, and their frustrations of weight loss. I approach each client with experience, knowledge, and encouragement.

What Do I Offer For Good Health?

At Ideal Weight Clinic, I offer programs tailored to your specific needs for a better, healthier life

Nutrition Coaching

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Lose Weight

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Cooking Resources

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Sports Nutrition

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Balance Body Mind

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What People Are Saying

Our Clients Love Us, And You Will Too

"Sherri is an incredible coach! She takes the time to listen to your goals and creates a plan to meet them. She is always willing to explain and encourage you along your weight loss journey. Sherri makes you feel like family and wants you to have a healthy lifestyle. She makes herself available for her clients daily. I couldn't imagine being on this journey with anyone else!"
Cathy J.
"Sherri is an amazing coach! I would highly recommend her and this program. Convenient hours and location."
Nicole S.
"We have been clients for almost two months and we are absolutely thrilled with our experience with Ideal Weight. The people are super helpful and really nice and the program is really effective. Definitely would recommend to anyone who's looking for a solution with long-term effects and designed to phase you back into your life post weight loss."
Andy C.

#1 Recommended Phase 1 Cookbook

Easy-to-follow recipes for delicious and nutritious food from the inside out.

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